Chelsea K Morris

Hi, I'm chelsea.



As a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at Cornell University, I develop and test management strategies in agricultural landscapes for environmental quality. Currently I work for Washington State’s Department of Ecology as a Nonpoint Water Quality Specialist.

Keeping science locked up in academic journal articles doesn't help the general public engage with new ideas and research, though I've published my share of them. I've had fun communicating my research through different types of media — including videos like the one above — and working with creative professionals. My introduction video highlights my research evaluating the efficacy of agricultural best management practices in the Owasco Lake watershed. (Keeping cows from pooping in the stream is probably a good start.)


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  • Data Analysis & Computing: R, MATLAB, Fortran 90 & Python

  • Location Analytics - Geographic Information System (GIS):

    • Geospatial Statistics (GRASS)

    • Geo-analytics Visualization (ArcGIS)

    • Open-source GIS

  • Content Management System (CMS):

    • Squarespace

    • WordPress

    • HTML/CSS



  • Cornell Cross-Scale Biogeochemistry & Climate IGERT Small Grant

  • USDA ThinkWater Fellowship

  • Influenster Scholarship

  • Cornell Cross-Scale Biogeochemistry & Climate IGERT Fellowship

  • NY Water Resources Institute Grant